TEC Auto Test (Mobile App)


TEC Auto Test is an automated building and duct system airtightness testing app for mobile devices. The TEC Auto Test app allows the user to wirelessly connect with a DG-1000 or DG-700 pressure gauge to conduct an automated airtightness test of a building or duct system. The app will collect the required test data from the connected gauge (and flow device), and along with manually entered building and customer information, calculate and display test results. The app creates PDF test reports that can be viewed and shared using email or cloud sharing apps installed on the mobile device (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive). In addition, project files can be geotagged using location services on your mobile device.

The application is designed to be used exclusively with testing equipment manufactured by The Energy Conservatory (TEC). The airtightness test standards supported by this version of the app include three building envelope test standards: RESNET 380 One-Point standard, ASTM E779 Multi-Point standard, and CGSB 149.10 Multi-Point standard (both with and without EnerGuide modifications); and one duct leakage test standard: RESNET 380 Total Duct Leakage standard.


  • WiFi communication with either a DG-1000 gauge, or a DG-700 gauge with a WiFi Link adapter.
  • Automated fan control and data collection reduces operator error and ensures that tests are conducted the same way every time.
  • Auto Test provides quality assurance by ensuring that tests are performed in accordance with test standards and that test data (i.e. pressure and flow readings) is collected directly from your TEC gauge and cannot be altered.
  • Project files can be geotagged and time stamped to verify when and where the test was conducted.
  • Supports both building and duct system airtightness tests.
  • Calculates and displays test results in PDF report format.
  • Test reports can be shared using cloud sharing apps on your mobile device.
  • Contains seven default test protocols that define the type of tests and code compliance/test settings that the app uses when conducting a test. Protocols can be edited, deleted, or new protocols created.
    • Includes RESNET 380 test standard.
  • Project and test files can be easily copied to speed up data entry for large production applications.
  • TEC Auto Test runs on iOS mobile devices, and is best viewed on iPads.
  • TEC Auto Test runs on Android 5.0 and up mobile devices, and is best viewed on tablets.

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