SwemaFlow 4001

SwemaFlow 4001 Air Flow Hood


SwemaFlow 4001 is an ideal device to conduct Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) of both exhaust and supply air flows. The equipment works in compliance with both European Standards EN 16211 and EN 12599.

With a net of hot wires, a high accuracy is achieved over the whole measurement range, making it suitable for supply air, including air flows from angled outlets, of which the measured values can be easily stored and transferred to PC.

With a measurement range between 3 and 1500 L/s (10.8 to 5400 m³/h), SwemaFlow 4001 covers a wide range for measuring the leakage in different outlets. In addition to air flow, it also has a wide range for temperature measurements between 0°C and 50°C, and Barometric Pressure readings between 600 and 120hPa.

SwemaFlow 4001 measuring device is also capable of achieving measuring accuracy of ±3.5% of read value for airflow, and barometric pressure compensation of ±3.5 hPa in 95% in non-condensing, non moist air, and in a relative humidity of less than 80%. For temperature, an air flow of <50 L/s, the measuring accuracy is  ±0.6°C, otherwise it goes lower to ±0.4°C for >50 L/s.

The memory has an impressive capacity of 9999 measurements at once, with a battery charging time < 4 hours that can be charged with a standard USB charger, and can still be used while charging. All the data can be easily extracted through USB.

All measurements during the tests are shown in a display screen (Air Flow, Pressure and Temperature) and are easily stored by means of a button on the measuring unit, depending on PC-settings.

Generally, SwemaFlow 4001 weights around 3.7kg, with dimensions of 1120 x 680 x 680mm, including the Hood (650 x 650).

System Includes:

  • 650×650mm Hood.
  • Charging Adapter (230 V).
  • Swema Terminal 3 PC-Program.
  • Calibration Certificate.
  • USB cable.

System Accessories:

  • SwemaFlow 4001 Cross.
  • 1200 ×250mm / 1200 ×650mm Hood.

Download Manual:

SwemaFlow 4001 Operating Instructions.

Item Number : 770070