Swema 03+ Draught Anemometer


Swema 03+ Air Velocity and Temperature Measurement Device

Swema 03+ anemometer is a simple device used for measuring the omnidirectional air velocity and air temperature. In comparison to Swema 03, which is a part of the Iso 7730 Thermal Comfort System, Swema 03+  also takes barometric readings ranging between 600 and 1200 hPa, whereas  the temperature measuring range is between 10°C and 40°C, and lastly, the air velocity measuring range is between 0.05 and 3.00 m/s between  15°C and 30°C. With the integrated barometric measurement, the air velocity measured is therefore automatically compensated for actual air density.

Swema 03+ can be set up with multiple probes with the PC-program SwemaMultipoint or as one probe connection with SwemaTerminal 3. The software SwemaMultipoint can read values from Swema 03+ at recommended 10 Hz with a selectable time constant set to 0.1 second.

At such temperature range, the impressive measurement accuracy of Swema 03+ is up to ±0.03 m/s for air velocities ranging between 0.05 and 1.00 m/s, and ±3% of read value for air velocities ranging between 1.00 and 3.00 m/s. The accuracy for the temperature and barometric readings achieved will then be ±0.1°C and ±3.5 hPa, respectively. It is recommended that the surrounding environment is non condensing, non moist air at less than 80% RH for 95% accuracy of measurement.

Generally, Swema 03+ has a response time of only 0.2s, which is in accordance to ISO 7726 recommendation for a desirable response time for the air velocity sensor, which is achieved in the device through a fast microcontroller and a small sensing element , and it only requires 4.5-5.5V to measure, collect and save the data, which can be taken later on USB. It is recommended to have a sampling frequency of 10Hz (up to 100Hz with USB possible on some PC-installations).


System Includes:

  • Swema 03+ Anemometer.
  • Traceable calibration certificate

System Accessories:

  • USB Swema Cable.
  • Swema Terminal 3 / SwemaMultipoint.


Item Number : 767361