Swema CO2 Instrument and Logger


SWEMA CO2 Description:

Swema CO2 is a smart measuring device that serves as an accurate CO2 meter and logger. The device can be used on spot from 0 meter distance or at precise location with the built-in pump, using the accessories provided (i.e. silicone hose) to measure up to 5000 ppm. It also include an integrated barometer that is used to compensate the pressure automatically between the range 600 and 1200 hPa.

Swema CO2 measuring device is capable of achieving measuring accuracy of ±35 ppm, and barometric pressure compensation of ±3.5 hPa in 95% in non-condensing air, and in a relative humidity of 80% and below between 0°C and 35°C, and finally, in a relative humidity of 70% and below between 35°C and 50°C.

Generally, the device has an impressive display interval update rate of 4 measured values/minute for CO2 and 120 measured values/minute for the barometer. In addition, it only takes 30 seconds to start measuring and taking accurate readings when the built-in pump is set on (pump can be set on or off), and works for a log interval of minimum 16 seconds (minimum for CO2 measuring rate) and up to 2 hours.

The memory is capable of withstanding such period with capacity of 50 series of measurements, which allows 15,700 measurement pairs [CO2, Air Pressure ] in all series combined. All the data can be easily extracted through USB. This is also compatible with the Li battery that lives up without the need of recharging up to 1 week (without pump and backlight) and 1 full day (with pump and backlight).

Moreover, Swema CO2 comes together with a PC-Program that shows saved measurements, illustrated graphs and figures of logged values, which is compatible with other devices too (e.g. Barometric reading, Temperature, Air Flow, CO2 ppm, …, etc.), which also allows online measurements to be taken and shows all statistics needed.

System Includes:

  • CO2 measuring instrument.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery with USB charger and cable.
  • 220V adapter.
  • Technical Manual.
  • Calibration certificate.
  • Swema Terminal 3 PC-Program

System Accessories:

  • Silicone hose.
  • Small carrying case.
  • Tube connector.

Download Manual:



Item Number : 770100