Yes, You CAN RENT IT For One Day or More

Product description

The BlowerDoor MicroFogger  is the world’s most versatile special effects fog solution. Using our patent pending design, it can produce a vast amount of non-toxic fog and is extremely portable – it’s even smaller than the original MicroFogger and can easily fit into your pocket which makes it ideal in situations where space is limited. The BlowerDoor MicroFogger 2 uses an internal battery which removes the need for a power supply and allows you to complete a video shoot or performance without needing to recharge*. To recharge, simply plug it into a USB port using the included cable. Both smoke density and airflow speed can be adjusted using the two push buttons and the main button serves as a power button and trigger for the release of smoke. Alternatively, you can also operate the BlowerDoor MicroFogger via the optional wireless remote controller which makes it perfect for special effects use (and maybe even for some pranks!). Refilling the fog liquid tank is also easy, just unscrew the metal nozzle and fill the tank using the included dropper bottle.

Package contents:

  • BlowerDoor MicroFogger
  • Spare heating coil
  • USB charging cable
  • Link to the instruction manual
  • 50ml dropper bottle of fog liquid
  • Remote control (if selected)

Monthly renting and Weekly renting is also possible based on availability and time of year. You can rent SHORTTERM OR LONGTERM if you wish.

Here’s some ways to get in touch:

E: Info@Salimus.com

T: +971 4 447 1776