Minneapolis Blower Door™ System



Salimus is a specialized Airtightness Tester and the official distributor in the MENA Region for the USA-made TEC Minneapolis Building Airtightness Testing Systems. Such machines are of high quality, maintainability, and versatility of use. Such machines are indispensable at any construction site and are used for Envelope Commissioning, Airtightness Testing of buildings and Ducts and Room Integrity Testing. In addition, the Airtightness Testing Systems can be used in Energy Audits.

You can easily rent an Airtightness Testing Systems at an affordable price. We provide rental services for specialized equipment in the UAE and MENA Region.

The Daily Rental Cost for one Minneapolis Blower Door™ System is 900 AED.

Monthly renting and Weekly renting is also possible based on availability and time of year. You can rent SHORTTERM OR LONGTERM if you wish

For more information about the rental prices & conditions, please Download the Rental Prices.

Here’s some ways to get in touch

E: Info@Salimus.com