ISO 7730 Thermal Comfort System


ISO 7730 Thermal Comfort System

This moderate Swema device is an advanced equipment that works in compliance with ISO 7726 Thermal Environments: Instruments and Methods for Measuring Physical Quantities and ISO 7730 Ergonomics of The Thermal Environment: Analytical determination and interpretation of satisfaction of thermal environment, with consideration of the local thermal comfort criteria as well, using calculation of the following:

1. Predicted Mean Vote (PMV):

The sensation of body heat, from +3 (hot) to +1 (slightly warm) and from -1 (slightly cold) to -3 (cold).

2. Predicted Percentage Dissatisfied (PPD):

The percentage of people dissatisfied with the thermal environment.

3. Draught Rate (DR):

The percentage of people predicted to be bothered by draught. Draught is an unwanted local cooling of the body caused by air movements

With six variables considered at once, Swema Thermal Comfort System simulate the thermal environment of occupants by measuring the air temperature, velocity, humidity and mean radiant temperature, whereas the personal activity level and clothing insulation are both taken into consideration.

SwemaMultipoint Measurement PC Program comes in hand as it is capable of collecting and saving measured values of the air velocity, humidity and temperature, black glob temperature sensor through Swema 03 Anemometer, Swema 05 Temperature Sensor and HC2A-S Humidity Probe, where PMV, PPD and DR data and statistics are all illustrated in graphs and figures, using the measured values, and selecting the controlled conditions (activity level and clothing insulation).

In addition to these indications, the program also calculates the Dew Point Wet Bulb, Wet Bulb, Globe Temperature and Operative Temperature)



System Includes:

  • ISO 7730 Thermal Comfort Device.
  • SwemaMultipoint Measurement PC Program.
  • Swema 03 Anemometer.
  • Swema 05 Black Glob Temperature Sensor .
  • HC2A-S Air Humidity Probe.
  • Traceable calibration certificate.

System Accessories:

  • ISO 7730 Special Case.
  • Coupling.
  • Tripped rod.
  • 2-S USB cable.
  • Probe Clamp.
  • Desk Mount.
  • Clamp.
  • Tripper foot.

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