Enclosure Integrity Testing Kit


Fire safety is one of the areas where the use of Blower Door measurements is increasingly gaining importance. In general, it is server rooms that are measured, where in the case of fire, this is quenched by special extinguishing gases. High-quality technology can thus be protected against damage from sprinkling or fire water. A prerequisite for the fire protection through extinguishing gases is an airtight room envelope.

Enclosure Integrity Testing Kit Includes:

  • Model 3 (230V) system with Aluminum Frame, Rings A-B, DG-1000 Gauge (300 – 6,300 CFM).
  • Flow Ring C (for measuring flows between 85-300 CFM)
  • Flow Ring D (for measuring flows between 30-115 CFM)
  • Flow Ring E (for measuring flows between 11- 45 CFM)
  • Blower Door Fan Calibration for Enclosure Integrity Testing.