EIT: Enclosure Integrity testing software


EIT Quick Test Intl©, the program for enclosure integrity testing per NFPA 2001/ 2004, 2012, 2015 & 2018 Enclosure Integrity Procedure. Easy to understand, easy to use, designed for quick one step inputting of test data producing on the spot complete, professional quality test reports


MS Windows® based program, runs in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Standard Windows® procedures: comfortable and easy to use.
Tests for all NFPA /ISO listed suppression gases Argotec, Argon, Argonite, CEA-410, Ecaro 25, FE-13, FE-227, FE-241, FE-25, FE-36, FM-200, Halontron, IG 100, Inergen, Inert Gas IG-55, MX-1230, MX-200, NAF-SIII, Nitrogen, Novec 1230, PROINERT, Sapphire, Triodide-plus Halon 1301, and Carbon Dioxide
Calculates Maximum Allowable Leakage Prior to test, the maximum allowable hole size can be calculated.
Produces Graph & Table of Hold Height vs. Time Graph gives a visual, easy to understand, indication of the predicted rate of leakage and interface height.
One step .PDF reports Prints .PDF report directly from print menu
Uses U.S. Units (Imperial) or Metric Units Accepts virtually all useful units for each data point and can be changed on the fly or in the default set up. Compatible with all brands test equipment.
Prints on the Spot (if desired), Detailed, Fully Formatted Report including a Spell Checker Complete 7-page professional report with graph, attendance page, leakage survey and disclaimer.
Produces optional leakage area survey “punch list”If zone fails, technician has option of producing a leakage area survey using a form listing common leakage areas.
User friendly Difficult to make serious errors. Step by step procedure leads technician through test, reminder checklist helps avoid common errors.
BEST OF ALL No recurring licensing fees One-time purchase,
upgrade charge after one year only with major change in code.
No technician restrictions