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Swema Duct Leakage Tester


The duct leakage testing is crucial to improve the energy efficiency of any leakage; since ductwork air leakage results in great increase in overall building energy consumption of supply and extract air fans. Swema Duct Leakage Tester provides a fast, and stable pressure control, with optional mid and low range orifice plates.

The leakage tester is used for leakage testing of ducts according to European Standard: EN 12237 and EN 1507 up to a duct pressure of 1900Pa.

The leakage tester consists of a high pressure radial fan and a measuring pipe with an orifice plate with a hole with diameter 80mm. The unit is connected to a universal instrument Swema 3000md with built-in pressure sensor and a connected external pressure sensor SWA 10.

A fixed mounted orifice plate with k-factor in the measuring tube gives the flow. For smaller flows there are two alternative orifice plates (mid and low range) with smaller holes available as accessories, that easily are mounted with screws in the measuring pipe.

The built-in pressure sensor in Swema 3000md measures the pressure in the ventilation duct. The connected pressure sensor, SWA 10, measures the leakage flow across the orifice plate.

Swema Duct Leakage measuring device is capable of achieving accuracy of ±6.5% of read value when used together with Swema 3000md and SWA 10 when measuring between 0 and 850 Pa duct pressure, which is suitable for low-pressure and medium-level ducts; however, it can still go up to 1900Pa with less accuracy, which also covers the high-pressure ducts, too.

The overall flow is between 25 and 103 L/s at +850 Pa duct pressure, and 22 to 130 L/s at ±400 Pa duct pressure.

Generally, the equipment weights up to 20kg, with a flexible hose of a diameter of 100mm, requiring a stable power of 0.55 kW, 200-240V AC (±%), and 50-60 Hz.

System Includes:

  • Duct Leakage Tester Device.
  • Swema 300md.
  • SWA 10.
  • ∅19mm Orifice Plate.
  • ∅38mm Orifice Plate.
  • Silicon Hose Ø4×6 mm (per meter).
  • Calibration Certificate.

System Accessories:

  • ∅250mm Bladder.
  • ∅400mm Bladder.
  • ∅600mm Bladder.
  • Hnadpump and Nipple for Bladders.

Download Manual:

Swema Duct Leakage Tester Operating Instructions.

Item Number : 771110