Duct Air Leakage Tester (DALT) 6900


Duct Air Leakage Tester Model DALT 6900-1E

DALT 6900-1E is an advanced air leakage tester that is used for testing commercial  ductwork in accordance to international standards. The duct leakage tester is crucial to improve the energy efficiency of any leakage; since ductwork air leakage results in great increase in overall building energy consumption of supply and extract air fans.

DALT 6900-1E measures the air leakage rates through the shafts in consideration of the envelope area of the shafts and the operating static pressure, and automatically compares it to the acceptance criteria of the input standard specified.

The equipment allows the tester to choose which Leakage Testing Standard to be followed from the following:

  1. US SMACNA : HVAC Air Duct Leakage Test manual.
  2. EU DW/143: A practical guide to Ductwork leakage testing.
  3. BS EN 1507:2006.
  4. BS EN 12237:2003.
  5. EU Eurovent 2/2: Air leakage rate in sheet metal air distribution systems.
  6. US AABC: Associated Air Balance Council AABC Standard.
  7. GB50243:2003/2016: Quality acceptance regulation of Ventilation and Air conditioning work.

In addition to measuring the air leakage in shafts, DALT 6900-1E measures the temperature and absolute temperature on a wide range of pressure. With two options in measuring the Air Flow, DALT 6900-E1 measures from as low as 4 m³/h to 36 m³/h with the Nozzle, and from 36 m³/h to 640 m³/h with the Flow Grid, all ranging to a pressure up to ±2500 Pa. Additionally, the thermometer can measure between 0ºC and 60ºC fir different application conditions, and between 70k Pa and 130k Pa for absolute pressure.

With an impressive measurement accuracy of 0.1 m³/h for airflow, and ±1 Pa in pressure, the temperature and absolute pressure accuracies are also ±1 0ºC and 2% of measured value, respectively.

DALT  6900-1E operates only with stable power supply at 200-220V, 1  Phase, 50/60Hz, 10A, and comes with a great capacity of data logging, up to 1,000 measurements through its integrated software that immediately shows the results after all the inputs are set, measurements are taken along with the specified time duration of the testing. all these are shown on a full-colour HD touch screen display that is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Although the tester is built tough with an on-board, powerful motor, weighting 75kg in total, the DALT 6900 is very easy to transport on its pneumatic tires and leaves little to no footprint on the job site, requiring little training as it is simple to use and extremely convenient.


System Includes:

  • DALT 6900-E1 Main Unit.
  • Flow Grid.
  • Low Flow Nozzle.
  • ∅6 Silicon Tube (White).
  • ∅6 Silicon Tube (Red).
  • ∅6 Silicon Tube (Blue).
  • Duct connection hose.
  • Power cord.
  • Container.
  • Calibration certificate.


Download Manual

DALT 6900 Operation Manual

System Accessories:

  • Dust proof cover.
  • Static pressure probe.
  • Spare Pressure Tubes: Red, White & Blue (1 meter each).


Item Number : 6900-E1