BlowerDoor MiniFogger is called tiny, and its dimensions truly are tiny (L = 10.3 cm, W = 5.1 cm, H = 3.5 cm). In this small package, technology of outstanding performance has been realised. The BlowerDoor MiniFogger is a fog generator that fills the gap, due to its small size and its programmability..

The generator

With the small dimensions and the light weight of only 250 grams (incl. battery and fluid tank), this little gadget can be easily used where small amounts of fog are desirabled.

The heart of the generator is a microprocessor which controls the fog emission. State of the Art technology opens a wide field of applications to the user.

For some applications it will be useful to program in a fixed fog amount. This can be done directly at the machine. The programmed fog amount can easily be reproduced and/or changed.

A compact battery, which is screwed into the machine, supplies the Tiny S with the 3.7 V supply. Because of an intelligent control mechanism the battery supplies energy only when necessary. Thus the fog time is greatly increased compared to other battery powered machines.

BTW: Available for rent

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