BRIO MRS (Mixed Reality System) is a device developed to work with Building Information Models (BIM) on the construction site, using them to inspect and control construction and installation works; the model of the object that is loaded into the System is visually combined with the physical world on the construction site. Visual combination of images on the screen of the device allows to identify violations and deviations associated with the placement or size of objects by comparing the design (BIM Model) to the real physical world on the construction site.

You can view and create tasks related to identified violations in the automated construction project management system. The System supports interaction with the following construction management systems:
▪ Autodesk BIM360
▪ SODIS Lement.Pro.

To visualize the object model, the System uses the following types of virtual reality:
− Augmented Reality (AR): where virtual objects are simply superimposed on the real environment. It allows you to see the model as a whole, but it does not give an idea of the relative position of real and virtual objects.
− Mixed Reality (MR): where virtual objects are visually embedded in a real environment in such a way that virtual objects that are spatially located behind physical objects become hidden.
− Advanced Mixed Reality (AMR): where virtual objects that are located behind real physical ones are displayed on the screen with a certain transparency.

One of the areas of Artificial Intelligence implemented in the BRIO MRS system is Computer Vision. Computer Vision builds the depth of space and allows you to accurately position an object in the environment.


Terms of Use of the BRIO MRS Platform

Operating: 0°C to 40.0°C
Storage: 0°C to 43.0°C

Relative Humidity:
For enabled equipment: 8% to 80%
Storage: 5% to 95%

The Platform has a degree of protection IP 44

Along with the IFC format, the System also supports the following 3D model file formats:
− Autodesk 3D Graphics File Format
− NWC – Navisworks Autodesk Format Files
− OBJ is an open file format for 3D geometry
− STL is an open format for 3D object models